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Hi my name is Dave Kettner and my team and I are here to help you start building your own successful business right now through the most successful online business education program ever created. This program is called the Amazing Selling Machine (ASM) and it has proven itself to be incredibly effective at getting results regardless of previous experience with selling online.

Who are You?

  • Have you been searching for an extra stream of income but end up banging your head against the wall because the other business models are promising the world but fail to get the results you strive for?
  • Maybe you are already making a six figure a year income (or close to it) but do not have the freedom to truly enjoy your life doing what you want, with those you want to spend time with; your family and friends.
  • Are you sick of working the 9 to 5 grind with a JOB (just over broke) and know that there is more to life than being stuff in a small cubical within the corporate world where you could be the next one in your company let go and stuck with out any income?

Who am I?

My wife Mary and I were struggling entrepreneurs working from home in October of 2013 looking for an answer to our prayers of finding a business model that we could do from home and get back to our prior success that we had enjoyed in years prior.  You see, we thought we had found success selling other companies products and businesses through online sales and affiliate promotions.  We even had some great success with multi-level marketing also. We hit the 7 figure revenue achievement in 2012 only to have it all ripped away from us due to factors that were out of our control.

You see, the problem that we found with all the business models we tried was that we had no control, nothing was our own business, others built them and often on an unstable foundation.  If we could not create our own business with our own products, it really was not our business as the control was in other peoples hands.  No matter how great a product looked, or how wonderful the compensation plan of a network marketing company looked or how many people you had on your team, the model was flawed because we held no control of where the business was going!

Back to October 2013…Mary and I prayed for a direction, we wanted to know what God wanted us to do next.  You see, we were hurting so bad financially after over a year of spending much more money month after month than the pennies we were making that we were contemplating one or both of us having to go back to a JOB.  Which we knew we would hate.  But as God always does in our life, our prayers were answered when we came across the first Amazing Selling Machine video…it was then our life and now many others have been positively changed for the better.

More about that later…

The Amazing Selling Machine Business Model

Through the ASM educational training and marketing program, you will learn how to:

  • Find the top selling product opportunities on Amazon.com. There are tons of opportunities where other sellers are making a killing selling their products, but not marketing them correctly.  You will be able to find many areas to improve upon these listings and what these competitor sellers are doing. This will enable you to be able to come into this same marketplace and DOMINATE!
  • Find a supplier that has the products, making them for you with your own private branding and packaging that you will be able to sell on Amazon.  You will learn strategies to make this product even better than the ones that are selling well on Amazon and build an asset that you will own.
  • Learn the inside marketing techniques to put up a product listing on Amazon that sells with great sales copy, professional pictures, and everything that is needed to make MASSIVE sales!
  • OVERTAKE your competition on Amazon using the tools through ASM, continuously learning the ongoing strategies, the awesome support from the online community of successful entrepreneurs and live events, in addition to learning how to outsource which will take your business to the highest levels.

ASM Proven Results 

Currently there are over 13,622 active Amazing Selling Machine students right now and all of them are building their own businesses on their own terms, learning from the ASM online training platform and student community.

These entrepreneurs come from over 102 countries around the world generating a collectively total student monthly revenue of over $36,241,000 selling their own products on Amazon.com.

Here Is What You Need To Do Next

The Amazing Selling Machine course last opened for sale in April 2015 and has been closed ever since.  The GOOD NEWS is ASM will be opening its doors again for the next training class in October of this year for a short window of time where you will be able to purchase the course and create your very own success story.  The BAD NEWS is this may be the last time that ASM will ever launch again for hungry entrepreneurs to join.

The very first launch video will be released on September 29, 2015 and I want to make sure that you are notified when it is available for viewing.  Also, until this date, I want to share much more information with you about the ASM course, what is included in the course, interviews from actual students having success, business strategies and tips for you to use now, and much more.

Of course, all of this information will be free for you to devour and learn about this business education course. It is our desire to give all you enough information that you will make an educated decision when ASM is available for purchase.   Also, you will be learning about the tremendous amount of free bonuses and support that we provide for all of the ASM students who purchase the program through our team.  Last time these bonuses were worth over $28,419 and our team members shared that they were able to achieve a higher level of success in a shorter period of time because of what we provided.  These bonuses are going to blow you away especially the guarantees that we offer.

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