Amazon Selling Tips

So you are looking to sell on Amazon as you heard that it is a HUGE opportunity right now and there are MANY people making HUGE earnings doing it. Even though this is a very true statement, how are you going to compete with so many sellers on Amazon trying to do the same thing?

You Need to Stand Out Above the Competition

Here are some tips and tricks to get you on the path to outdoing your competition:

  1. Create your Own Brand – Amazon is all about competition and winning the buy box for each product. Have you ever seen this below where there are a bunch of sellers competing for the “Buy Box” for the same product? In this example, usually the cheapest price is the one that Amazon displays and usually gets the sale.3-9-2015 5-29-04 PMBut have you ever seen this like the example below where there is only one seller for that particular product where all of the sales are going to this one seller and at their price point that they choose without any competition?3-9-2015 5-31-52 PMMany people do not realize how easy it is to private label/brand your own product. There are TONS of companies and suppliers around the world that are ready to create a product for you and/or use an existing product and branding it with your very own product and brand name. By doing this, not only will you own this asset, but you will have a product to market that no one else has. This means no competition for this product and brand name because you own it and you are the only one selling it.


  1. Keyword Title Optimization – There are TONS of sellers on Amazon that simply do not understand the power of a properly optimized title listing on Amazon. You will find countless sellers starting their product title listing on Amazon with the name of their brand or with other words that have nothing to do with what people are actually searching for. Let’s look at a different market this time on Amazon and specifically look at the beginning of their titles…3-9-2015 5-52-01 PMAs you can see from the first two listings on the left, their titles begin with the name of their brands/company name. NOONE is searching for these keywords on Amazon! There is great emphasis by Amazon placed on the first few words in the title listing that directly result in how products are organically ranked when searching for the keyword of the product your buyers are searching with. In sharp contrast, look at how the product example on the right leads with their main keyword, “Wooden Spoon Set”.   Do you think that maybe people are trying to find this product using these keywords? Of course! Always lead your title with your best keyword phrase.
  2. Premium Product Pictures – Have you ever heard the phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words?” It is much easier to sell products online where the consumer cannot use their senses to determine if they really like the product you are selling or not by using quality pictures. The funny thing though is there are still Amazon sellers who are not giving a solid portrayal of what their product actually is that they are selling. How are buyers supposed to know if they like the color, if the quality is good, how the product looks in use by people or in certain locations. It is up to you as the seller to show off your product the best that you possible can with the amount of pictures that are available for you to use.Check out some of these horrible Amazon pictures below that I just found from real product listings. Would you want to buy these products?

    3-9-2015 7-20-41 PM3-9-2015 7-24-33 PM3-9-2015 7-21-12 PM
    In all of these pictures, they are not using 3D imaging, enhancing the photos, displaying the product correctly, or even removing the background so the product is on a pure white background to make the product stand out.

    In Contrast, check out some of these pictures I found on Amazon where the picture helps to sell the product…

    3-9-2015 7-30-27 PM3-9-2015 7-29-49 PM3-9-2015 7-33-54 PM

    Much different prospective right? This is just a small sample of what is possible when enhancing your product pictures to help sell your product giving your consumer the experience online they are looking for when buying a product. Also, be sure to use ever single picture that you possible can with Amazon. Do not limit your product listing to one or two pictures when you can post eight of them! Help your possible customers get a feel for what you are trying to sell them with awesome professional pictures.

  3. Key Product Features – Amazon allows sellers to list their key product features that show up as bullet points directly underneath your product title. These bullets are key areas for you as the seller to tell your prospective buyers all of the key features and benefits that your product offers them. Amazon allows you (depending on the category) to use 100 – 500 characters per line and up to five bullets which shows up in what we call the “prime real estate” of your product listing. It shows up above the fold and right in the middle of the page when your customers are checking out what you are offering. Yet some sellers do not even utilize this space to the maximum benefit or even all five bullets! Why? Check out some of this wasted space…3-9-2015 7-49-50 PMIn this example above, this Amazon seller is only using three of the five bullets possible to use and very little information in the ones they are posting. In this category (Cell Phone & Accessories), they could use up to 500 characters per line! Contrast that to the example below where the seller is doing a much better job utilizing this space…3-9-2015 7-54-19 PMObviously a much better use of the bullet space in the example above and there is still more room to spare! Be sure to use this space wisely as it will help you sell more of your product.
  4. Product Descriptions that Sell – The use of the product description is not as critical as some of the strategies shared above, but it still can affect the sales of your product. Amazon allows the sellers 2000 characters to use in the product description. Of course as you probably are starting to realize by now, use it to the maximum! Amazon is giving you the seller the opportunity to help sell your product by allowing you to educate the consumer why they need your product and what it can do for them.So firstly, be sure to write your descriptions with the best possible sales copy you can use. Focus on identifying a problem that the consumer is facing, and then address how your product solves that problem. Be sure to educate them on the key features of this product along with the benefits that it provides with its use. Identify why this product is unique and why they need to have it. Always be sure to offer them the best possible warranty that you can offer along with a limited time offer that will be expiring if they do not act quickly. This could be a special sale that you are running where the price will be increasing soon. Whenever possible, share real customer testimonial on how this product has helped others.It is also important to use a little bit of HTML code to help make the description stand out instead of a paragraph that is all smashed up together. Look at the differences in these two examples below…3-9-2015 8-09-09 PMHardly anything in the description above in simply paragraph form compared to this…3-9-2015 8-13-05 PM

    There is so much in this description above and nicely formatted that it is hard to even fit it into our page!

  5. Use Your Product Reviews to Build Customer Relationships – One of the things that Amazon implemented that has revolutionized the online sales industry was customers leaving honest product reviews.  Customers are encouraged to leave an honest and unbiased review to help assess and evaluate the quality of the products being sold.  This has made what customers say about your products very valuable to the consumer especially online where the product cannot be evaluated before being purchased.  Amazon customers now can shift through the usually tons of reviews both positive and negative to determine if they want to purchase the product or try a different one instead.Of course positive feedback can increase your sales, but negative feedback can also be constructive to your business as well.  Either way, the secret is to engage in conversation with your customers by responding to all feedback no matter if it is positive or negative.
    If a customer leaves you a positive review, be sure to respond back with your own comment thanking them for taking the time to write the positive feedback.  Comment on what they liked about it and be sure to mention that you are available if they need any further assistance in the future.  You could mention how much you personally appreciate them as you are a small company trying to make a difference and it is reviews like this which greatly help attract more business.  These comments go a long way with building the relationships of not only this buyer, but also all who see your comment that are trying to decide on whether they are going to purchase this product from you or from a different seller.If a customer leaves you a negative review, it is now your opportunity to respond with a comment trying everything in your power to change this negative buying experience into a positive one.  First be sure you always begin by thanking them for taking the time to write their review and apologize for whatever it is they are upset about taking the blame and ownership of the problem on you and the company even if the problem is clearly not your or your companies fault.  Do what you can to correct the problem for this customer and to correct it so it does not happen to other future customers.feedback2It might even be of great benefit to offer them a replacement or even a complete refund with a free replacement as your way of saying sorry for the inconvenience.  Doing these things goes a long way towards turning these negative reviewers into some of your best and most loyal customers.  Plus all who see these comments by you and your company will want to buy from you because no sellers treat their customers like this and most will see that you are a company that puts your customers first!
  6. Do What Amazon Wants – Provide Stellar Customer Support – It really blows my mind how few Amazon sellers actually provide stellar customer support.  The average seller on Amazon is simply there to try to make a quick buck and is not concerned on whether the customer is treated well or not.  It seems that so many people are just trying to offer the bare minimum to make money selling on Amazon and are just playing the numbers game being that Amazon has a massive number of buyers that are constantly searching on Amazon for products to buy.customer serviceThe thing is though that Amazon wants to provide the best possible buying experience for their customers so they further trust in the products being sold on their site and will come back over and over again to buy more products.  Did you know that Amazon actually rewards sellers who obtain high performance metrics in various areas of customer support and product delivery?  In contrast, they punish the sellers that have lower standards and actually suspend sellers accounts for metrics that are not acceptable for Amazon standards.There are many things that you can do to provide top-notch customer support that will easily outperform the majority of sellers on Amazon.  You can write follow-up emails that automatically are sent to your buyers providing them with added benefits, unannounced bonuses, and other information to add to the customer buying experience.  It is important to always provide your business customer support contact toll-free phone number, email, and other online support through such things as live chat and support ticket options.customer-relationship

    You can use your packaging as a way to offer top-notch customer support by including your contact number and email on everything.  A great tip is to include packaging inserts that offer your contact information, how to register for your warranty that you offer on your product, and other bonuses such as a downloadable eBook, access to a membership site, and/or an option for joining your own customer VIP mailing list to receive special discounts and sales.

    By far though, our favorite strategy for providing the best customer service and again building that relationship with your customers building brand awareness and loyalty is by calling each customer that purchases from you.  You can call your customers to ask them how they are enjoying their product, see if there is anything you can assist them with, ask for their feedback, and to offer discounts on future purchases by getting their email for your customer VIP list.  Yes this is time consuming, but hardly anyone is doing it.  If you want to dominate on Amazon, it is these types of things that you can do to stand out above the competition and dominate!

  7. Get Traffic from Outside of Amazon – Once you have implemented everything that we discussed above, you are already ahead of probably 95% of Amazon sellers.  By incorporating this last strategy that we are going to discuss now, you will not only be one of the best sellers on Amazon, but you are going to take it to massively higher sales.  This can be achieved by getting outside traffic and sending it to your Amazon product listings.Traffic-OnlineHere are just some of the many ways to drive traffic to your Amazon listings: Facebook advertising, Facebook fan pages and groups, pay per click advertising through various social networks like Linked In and Twitter, YouTube videos and other paid advertising, offline media such as newspaper, magazine, radio, and television advertising, media buying, etc.  There are literally hundreds of these types of methods to gett targeted traffic to your Amazon product pages.Other ideas include getting your own ecommerce store set-up where you can send your traffic to your own store that you own and have the buyers fulfilled through Amazon FBA automatically.  We have entire courses taught by product business owners that generate millions of dollars a year from their own ecommerce stores how to do this successfully.ecommerce-786x305

    In addition to setting up your social networks promoting your products and brands, you should always create your own business brand/product blogs/websites.  Here you can send the traffic again to your own virtual real estate platforms and then direct these pre-sold buyers to your Amazon product pages.  This strategy also helps with something that is very important in the Amazon ranking algorithm which is your Amazon conversion rates.  We will be talking about this much more in other trainings but do know that it greatly enhances how well you rank against your Amazon competitors.

We hope you enjoyed these Amazon selling tips and strategies so you can see how you can do better than the majority of your competition and become very successful selling on Amazon. Of course, this is just a small taste of the many strategies, tips, tools, coaching, etc. that you really need to become the best possible seller on Amazon where you can DESTROY your competition. Be sure to watch for our special video series on this and much more starting on April 13.

We hope you enjoyed these and look for more to come soon!

Profitably Yours,

Dave Kettner


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