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"By Purchasing This Course Which Is The Most Profitable & Sustainable Business Through Our Link Below, You Will Receive These Awesome Bonuses To Help You Have Even More 
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The Amazing Selling Machine currently has over 15,570 active Amazing Selling Machine students right now and all of them are building their own businesses on their own terms, learning from the ASM online training platform and student community.  These entrepreneurs come from over 122 countries around the world generating a collectiely total student revenue of over $45,682,000 selling their own product on  ASM will only be available for purchase between October 7 - 15, 2015 and we want to make sure you do not miss it.

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If you are looking across the Internet for the Best ASM Bonuses, you have come to the right place.  There are many wonderful affiliates promoting ASM and some of them I consider my friends, but for those of you that are “bonus shopping” looking for the best bonuses for you, please promise to ask one key question before you decide which bonuses are best for you.  Ask them this question…"How much are you personally selling on Amazon in your own product business?”  After you get your answers, you will see that we are the only team that offers bonuses that are taught by a group of Amazon self-made millionaires who are in the trenches day in and day out using the strategies and tools that work TODAY!  You will then have to decide who you think is best to model your Amazon business after and collaborate with to best achieve your own success.

ASM (Amazing Selling Machine) has been positively impacting many people's businesses and financial lives through this truly incredible all-inclusive training program over the past year.

Hi, my name is Dave Kettner and part of the Kettner Six Figure Profits Team that is made up of a bunch of successful business people and Amazon selling experts.  My wife Mary and I are just one of the testimonials that ASM really works as it has already impacting our business in a tremendous way just over the past 24 months.  We purchased ASM in October of 2013 as we were looking for a business where we could sell our own products on Amazon to take full advantage of the HUGE amounts of buyer traffic that Amazon has and continues to increase.  In 2014, Amazon did over $88 Billion dollars in sales and they are expected to do well over $100 Billion dollar this year and it only continues to grow.

ASM has totally changed our life as it taught us how to create and sell our own products on Amazon step-by-step. Following this program, we have been able to lay the foundation for the potential of a very lucrative and profitable business following the process. Our goal is to share with you how you too can achieve similar results selling your own products on Amazon by not only sharing this GREAT program with you, but also by offering you the AMAZING bonuses below that will help aid in achieving your success on Amazon even faster!

ASM Last Chance Kettner Team Google Hangout Replay

ASM Overview and Kettner Team Bonuses Webinar Replay

Exclusive Amazing Selling Machine Interview with Matt Clark 

Please note that this exclusive interview with Matt Clark was recorded in April 2015 and dates will be referencing the ASM5 launch in April 2015.  The content though is still invaluable!

"100% Risk Free Guarantee"

When you purchase the Amazing Selling Machine, you will receive 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee if you find that the program is not for you. The money back guarantee period does not start until the day module #1 launches.

Bonus #1 - Retail Value $12,982

Team Coaching and Support Building Your Business Alongside Top Amazon Sellers

ASM is the most successful online Internet marketing training program ever created.  The course walks you, the digital entrepreneur, through the step-by-step A to Z process of achieving your own successful and thriving Amazon product business.  To achieve the fastest success though as we have proven through our successful team members, having coaching and support following the proven path of our teams Amazon millionaires makes the learning curve must easier.

Our students have been achieving some of the best results in the ASM program and we plan to help you follow the same road to success.  To help you achieve the results you desire, we will be offering you these team coaching and support bonuses:

  1. Live 8 Week Mastermind & Training Webinar Series (Value $1997) With this bonus, you are going to get additional training, strategies and tools that will be able to provide you the EXCLUSIVE private group coaching that you will not get from the ASM program.  You will be learning from Dave & Mary Kettner, who created their multiple million dollar Amazon business in less than one year, and several of ASM’s most successful students whom are also generating hundreds of thousands of dollars monthly in their Amazon product business.  Our team will be able to offer you guidance to get you to your goals quickly and successfully.  We will be going through the content that is taught in the ASM course answering questions regarding the material, offering our secret sauce and ninja tactics that work, showing you visually in more detail what is being taught, and helping guide you through the process.

    This bonus will be like having your own personal coach helping hold your hand through every step of the process of this business.  You will learn about our mistakes that we made in the past so you do not have to make them yourself.  We will offer additional training that you will find very helpful that can be offered as a supplement to the training program.  You will learn of other tools and strategies that we personally use to generate hundreds of sales on Amazon daily.  The value of this one bonus alone will be HUGE to your growth and business!

  2. Secret Mastermind Facebook Group (Value $1997) With this bonus, you are going to get additional training, strategies and tools that will be able to provide you the EXCLUSIVE private group coaching that you will not get from the ASM program.  We have a VERY active Facebook group where we as a team are collaborating and sharing what is working, what is not working, new tools and strategies as they come out, and individual support.  It is amazing how we all work together to assist when team members have questions as we all are here to help one another succeed having a “Pay It Forward” mentally.  Having direct access to Dave Kettner, who is one of the ASM trainers, and the team members who are literally CRUSHING IT in sales on Amazon is invaluable!

  3. Live Team Training Event (Value $4997)This bonus training will help take your business over the top.  You will not only learn from Dave Kettner, but you will also learn from several of his good friends who are also KILLING it with their business on Amazon doing over 6 figures monthly.  For ASM3, ASM4 and ASM5, we held team events that we offered as a bonus and the feedback that we received from our attendees have been INCREDIBLE!  Our students shared that our events are even better than the amazing ASM events that have been held over a three day period.

    With ASM5, we had so many great speakers and so much content to teach, that we decided to hold a two day live event.  And not to worry, if you cannot attend our event, you will receive the full recordings and presentations from our event.  The dates and location will be announced soon.

  4. Expert Interviews With ASM Experts Generating Over 6 Figures In Revenue Monthly On Amazon (Value $997) ASM provides you with a tremendous amount of social proof and testimonials where they show you what people are saying about ASM, how it has impacted their business, and the amount of sales they have been able to generate by following this proven system.  With this bonus, we are going to go much more in depth where you will hear directly from some amazing people that are generating a significant amount of sales on Amazon daily and what they have done to achieve their success.  The golden nuggets that you will learn from these interviews will offer tremendous amount of value to you.

  5. Team Update Videos and Webinars (Value $997) After the ASM6 course modules are completed, the training still continues with our team.  We will be having business updates and training calls that usually take place at least once per month where we will be personally providing valuable information regarding your business.  These calls will be sure to keep you abreast with all that is new and changing in this ever changing business so you can continue to grow and be ahead of the vast majority of other Amazon sellers online including other ASM students!

  6. Recorded Live Event Videos and Resources (Value $1997)The Kettner team put on an incredible full day live training event on February 4, 2015 and their two day live event on August 7-8, 2015 with some of our own six figure plus monthly earnings where they shared the tools and strategies that are working now.  Many people who attended these events said that these trainings were better than the entire ASM live events.  We are going to provide you access to these as a special bonus that have not been released elsewhere besides to our own internal team members.

    In addition, Chris Guthrie put on a live full day training on February 4, 2015 which was also incredible from what I have heard from some of his people.  Chris has agreed to give you access to these videos and training resources as well.  Put on your seatbelts, as this bonus is going to totally blow you away!

Bonus #2 - Retail Value $2485

Learn How to Find the Best Product Opportunity for You to Sell on Amazon

  1. Sourcing Agent Expert Contact (Value $997)One of the scariest hurdles sometimes with this product business is finding the best supplier.  Not only are you looking for the best price products, but you are looking for a supplier that you can trust  knowing that they will do what you need done well and efficiently.  With this bonus, we have not only taken the fear away, but we will give you access to Dave Kettner's personal China sourcing contact.  Now you can have the confidence knowing that many of the challenges that most new ASMers will face, you will not have to worry about.  In fact, you will have the confidence knowing that not only are you getting the best products sourced, but that they are done EXACTLY how we teach to succeed on Amazon.  This sourcing agent even came to our live event in August to personally meet our team members and to further learn how to best help us succeed.  This bonus is truly PRICELESS!

  2. Project Launch Database (Value $497)The product finding database consists of thousands of products across every applicable category on Amazon that you can use to find products selling ranging from best seller ranks in the top 100's on down to lower competition items with best seller ranks in the thousands.  This database helps you find less competitive opportunities on Amazon so that if you want to start with lower competition items you can more quickly get selling on Amazon without worrying about the higher competition items on Amazon.  The database is updated regularly and a very helpful resource for prospective Amazon sellers.  This bonus will help you get a jump on the rest of the competition helping you to making profits very quickly.

  3. Private Copy of Our Supplier Email Swipe Files (Value $297) I personally have had a lot of success communicating with suppliers because I have learned the insider secrets to communicating with them correctly.  With this bonus, I will be providing you with my email swipe copies for you to be able to literally plug in your own information and send to your prospective suppliers.  These emails will provide you will the communication you need to find the right supplier for your product, ask the correct questions that you will want answers for prior to ordering from them, and follow the entire order process to be on the right path to success with your chosen product.  The value of this bonus is huge as not having these swipe files could lead you to thousands of dollars in mistakes as you may need to learn as you precede through this business through trial and error.  These swipe copies take the training that Matt & Jason offer you to a much higher level!

  4. 45 Minute Audio Interview with Sourcing Sensation Paul Sinclair (Value $297)Two of the top marketers in the world have teamed up to create a new product outsourcing course that will be released this summer.  In advance of that, Paul Sinclair and Gauher Chaudhry have agreed to offer our team an advance look into their sourcing knowledge  that have helped them team up to create their own multiple millionaire dollar Amazon business.  We cannot think of a better way to help you find your own best product to market then to follow the advice of these two experts.

    Paul Sinclair reveals the art to successfully sourcing profits from China.  You will discover what you need to know before you even consider ordering products for Amazon from Chinese factories. This audio interview will give you the edge over your competitors with sourcing tactics and strategies.  Paul Sinclair has been sourcing products successfully from China for the last 8 years. His company has generated over $10 million in Amazon sales in just the last few years and continues to grow. Paul was instrumental in leading the first ASM China trip with 30 ASM members for factory tours and sourcing knowledge.   Gauher Chaudhry is a paid traffic specialist and has been marketing online for the last 17 years. He is a master at creating massive audiences in any market and has generated tens of millions of dollars in sales online over the course of his online marketing career.

  5. Xcellerator Tools & Software (Value $397) – We've spoken to our good friends Robert & Stephen from Xcellerator Tools & have negotiated 3 whole months of unlimited access to their groundbreaking Amazon product research & seller management tool. This unique tool is designed to help you make the best possible product research decisions as well as forecasting your sales & stock levels accurately, helping you stay in stock at all times's like having a trained stock management expert working by your side each and every day who understands the critical numbers that drive your Amazon business. Not only does Xcellerator understand your'll even tell you what to do with those numbers and when!

    The guys have also agreed to put on some special training webinars to show you how to get the most out of Xcellerator as well as how to maximise your ASM training results by using the tool. This bonus is an exclusive to Team Kettner. In fact, this tool won't be released to the public until late 2015 / early 2016 giving you a true 'unfair advantage' over every other Amazon seller. 

Bonus #3 - Retail Value $1394

Discover the Insider Information on How to Best Run and Fund Your Business

  1. Business Funding Video With Insider Contact Information (Value $997)One of the limitations to running your Amazon business that you may find as we have found is running into cash flow problems as you scale your business.  With any business, it takes cash flow to be able to run it successfully and sometimes this can limit how fast you can scale your business.  With this bonus, we will be offering you our insider secrets to obtaining business funding from outside sources that you can use to grow your business faster.  Some people may not need this, but if you want to learn how to scale your business really fast, this will definitely help you!  The only other limitation with this business is your time which will be addressed in the course and on our calls as you learn how you can fully outsource your business to have it basically running on its own.

  2. One Year Free Subscription to BUILD (Value $397)BUILD: is a brand new weekly publication on personal finance for entrepreneurs published by Garrett Gunderson.  Garrett is the “financial secret weapon” for thousands of successful entrepreneurs, and that includes me.   He’s a NY Times best-selling author who’s been helping entrepreneurs with their personal finances for over 15 years.

    You’ll get the next 52 weekly issues of BUILD: delivered to your inbox every Monday morning.  Each issue has four to five concise, results-oriented articles written in easy-to-understand language that takes all the confusion out of managing your personal finances so you can keep more of the money you make.  You’ll discover over 45 ways (unique to entrepreneurs) you can slash your taxes ... increase your bottom line without spending a dime on more advertising, employees or painful budgeting… lock your money away from financial predators while making it freely accessible to you… and skyrocket your cash flow while doubling your time off.

    Included with your 52-week BUILD: subscription is a LIVE BONUS WEBINAR with Garrett where he’ll cover the 3 biggest personal finance roadblocks holding entrepreneurs back from economic independence.  Plus, you get to ask Garrett your own questions and get immediate answers in the live Q&A session.  Making money with your new business is great.  Keeping the money you make is all that really counts.  Your FREE one-year subscription to BUILD: and the LIVE Webinar with Garrett will help you keep every penny that’s rightfully yours. (Note: You will NOT be re-billed after your one year subscription is over, so you don’t have to worry about any surprise charges later on).

Bonus #4 - Retail Value $1091

Optimize Your Product Listing with Irresistible Sales Copy to Dominate Your Competition on Amazon

  1. Learn How to Write Irresistible Sales Copy for Your Product Listing to Outsell Your Competition (Value $794)"Looking for a way to instantly maximize your Amazon sales without spending another dime?  Want to discover the closely guarded 'secrets' of millionaire Amazon sellers that you can implement into your own product listings?  Ready to reach the next level on Amazon faster so you can introduce new products and become the next ASM success story?  If you're ready to explode your Amazon sales more than anything else you've seen or tried, this exclusive, special digital report is your secret weapon. Don't miss this, this is an exclusive bonus deal that you won't find anywhere else.

    In it, you'll discover: The #1 Way to Squeeze Every Last Dime Out of Your Listings & Deposit the Most Into Your Bank Account.  The Biggest Tragedy on Amazon…That's Costing Sellers Thousands of Dollars in Wasted Revenue.  The Simple Trick to Quickly Boost Sales Over & Over that You Can Master in 15 Minutes.  The Monkey-Simple Mistake that 95% of Sellers are Making Every Day...Are YOU Guilty?  The Quickest, Easiest Way to Make Even More Money...Without Spending Hardly a Dime...and Much More

    Dana Derricks, better known as 'The Copywriting Professor' has been a full-time Amazon copywriter, seller, and coach for nearly four years. He has helped over 300 clients go from average, to millions of dollars in sales. He has personally written over 1,000 listings in his career and has personally worked with many who frequent the ASM stage as success stories. Don't miss this exclusive opportunity to learn from Dana, his credentials are ridiculous.

Bonus #5 - Retail Value $691

Discover the Secrets of How to be More Productive with Outsourcing Your Business and Getting Reviews

  1. Amazon Virtual Assistant (AVA) Education (Value $194)Automating your business is the ultimate goal for long term success.  The ability to outsource day to day routine task to someone else while you focus on the big picture and growing your business.  The key is to always work ON your business not IN your business.  This can be accomplished by hiring a Virtual Assistant.  But, the problem is that many people cringe at the task of having to actually train the assistant on what they need to do on a day to day basis.  Training takes up time and effort.

    We've put together a training portal for you to provide to a virtual assistant that gives them the training they need to work in your Amazon business.  This training goes through areas such as: Seller feedback, responding to reviews, removing negative seller feedback, issuing refunds, creating fulfillment orders, monitoring PPC campaigns, contacting support, using ASM tools, reporting, and more!  There is training for your assistant in regards to marketing - finding influencers in your niche to promote your product, maintaining FB pages, Google + pages, Pinterest accounts and more!  There is also a separate portal as the business owner for your own training on how to add sub-accounts from your ASM account, how to add limited access in Amazon, how to effectively work with your assistant and more!

    The program will have ongoing updates as Amazon changes the way they do things, as well as updated strategies to ultimately improve your bottom line profits.  There will be live monthly training for your virtual assistant as well as for you as the business owner.  When you are ready to really take your business to the next level, this is the program that you need so that you can focus on continuing to grow your business to its maximum potential.

  2. Product Launch Platform (Get First Product Reviews) (Value $497)Getting your first sales and reviews can be hard which is why we developed a product launch platform to help you get started.  You offer a discount on a small number of your initial units and we help promote and sell those units for you.  We've built a platform of hungry deal seekers that love to leave reviews on your product which helps you get off to a great start selling on Amazon faster than normal because of the initial burst of reviews our launch platform provides.  Your access will allow you to launch five times (Can be the same product or different products).

Bonus #6 - Retail Value $1061

Learn How to Run Your Business Effectively with the Proper Business Accounting Training and Software

Proper accounting accomplishes many things for your online selling business. You are able to streamline your interactions with your CPA or whoever does your taxes. Properly reporting your income and expenses allows you to minimize taxes and handle any audits of your business. You will also be able to analyze the income streams for your business and each specific product lines. This will give you access to the information you need to maximize your sales income and profit. This bonus program will get you started taking advantage of QuickBooks Online by Intuit, the number one business accounting solution. This is priceless information helping you manage your business like a business.

Your bonus training and discounts include the following:

  1. Basics of Proper Business Accounting (Value $289)When you own an online ecommerce business you have a unique business type. David and Lisa Hesser have owned, managed and consulted to hundreds of businesses over the last thirty years. The training they will provide will help you understand how to approach business accounting and will then get you started properly.

  2. Discounted QuickBooks Online (Value $144 Annually)Due to Lisa's status as a QuickBooks Pro Advisor you will receive a 40% discount on any version of QuickBooks Online by registering through our registration code. Sweet, simple discount direct with Intuit that you can cancel at any time. We will also help you determine which version of QuickBooks Online is the right one for your business.

  3. Basics of QuickBooks Online (Value $279) – All software programs have their own way of doing things. QuickBooks Online is no exception. This module will overview the QuickBooks Online interface and navigation. Upon completion you will know where to go to accomplish your accounting tasks. Just as importantly you will know where to find support when you are trying to handle a new task or request.

  4. Learn How to Setup QuickBooks Online (Value $349) – This training will walk you through the steps needed to setup your company for accounting in QuickBooks Online. You will receive a starter chart of accounts that will encompass a basic business along with the kinds of transaction specific to ecommerce and private label sellers. You will be able to track transactions with Amazon, eBay, other standard 3rd party selling sites and your own product website. Product sourcing transactions will also be handled for private label, arbitrage and wholesale products.

Bonus #7 - Retail Value $1997

ASM Kettner Team Sales Contest

ASM Kettner Team Sales Contest (Total Value = $1997)Everybody loves a little bit of competition especially when there are prizes involved.  What people usually love about this bonus is that usually all that participate in the contest wins.  The reason for this as we are all striving to achieve our best results and with a little friendly competition comes bunches of success!  We will be announcing the prizes that will be offered to all the winners when week #1 begins in the course.  The competition will run from the day module #1 launches on October 16, 2015 and will end on January 31, 2016.  For ASM4 and ASM5, we gave away high powered laptops, iPad's, professional photo studio equipment, Dell tablets, external storage drives, and all winners received a private one hour mastermind with some of our top performing Amazon sellers including Dave Kettner, Peter Carr, Chris Guthrie and Janea Knight.  We will announce the prizes in one of our first bonus webinars...Good luck!

Bonus #8 - Retail Value $1997

Opportunities for Future Partnership
& Outsourcing Collaboration

Opportunities for Future Partnership & Outsourcing Collaboration (Value $1997)We actually should have put a PRICELESS value to this bonus as it truly can change how you run and operate your business forever.  With this bonus, you will have the opportunity for partnership opportunities with me and others on our team to further explode your business.  We have heard from many successful entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers that if they could change anything from when they started their business, it would be to develop partnerships and more collaboration much sooner than they had.  We do know that we will be moving forward to opening an outsourcing office in Jamaica next year and we will be open to all that would like to benefit from what we will be doing with it.  This bonus will make a lot more sense to you as you learn how to take your business to much higher levels discussed in Module 7 & 8 of ASM.

Bonus #9 - Retail Value $5000

Special ASM6 Success Guarantee

Special Course Guarantee (Value $5000)If our bonuses above have not yet sealed the deal for you yet, then this last bonus will truly make this purchase a NO-BRAINER for you.  This bonus will take out all of your risk and put in on ASM and us to truly deliver.  All you will need to do is be sure that you are following the proven step-by-step course and taking the necessary action to succeed.  If after you have finished the entire course, earned all of your action badges (except the income achievement badges), and attended all of the webinars, and you have still not yet at least made your money back from your purchase with your Amazon business by January 31, 2016, we will provide you will PERSONAL COACHING until you do.  We understand that this course is a large investment and there are some people that have been burned by other money making schemes in the past.  So we have made sure that this investment and action by you WILL RESULT IN SUCCESS!  We will not stop until you are making money with this business and in all reality, THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!

Income Disclaimer

Income Disclaimer - On this page, we show real sales figures and testimonals that have been achieved that do not reflect the average user. Average users do not implement what it usually takes to become successful nor take the massive action that is needed for success.  These references to the massive success that has been achieved is not a prediction of success or income levels that you will achieve.

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Instructions for Getting Your Bonuses

  1. Purchase ASM from any of our links on this page from either Video #4 or Buy ASM Now buttons.
  2. After you purchase ASM, you will receive an invoice from to your email inbox.  Forward that email directly to us at:
  3. Please allow 24-48 business hours for our team to verify your order.  We will then send you an email with the instructions for joining our team and bonuses information.

If you have have questions, please contact us directly through our Skype chat.  You can also contact ASM customer support at (888) 415-0615 and/or through email at

We very much look forward to working with you and helping you achieve great success with this Amazon business!

To Your Success!

Dave Kettner & the Six Figure Profits Team